Install TOR - use as much as you want!

 Onion Urls TOR

Onion Urls TOR it’s a kind of web, the content of which can sometimes be considered illegal. Simply, this network makes it possible to bypass the blockages established by local providers on the Internet.

How to use the onion links?

Onion Urls TOR

The first thing to do is install the TOR browser. This browser allows you to bypass any blocking and surf those sites that are banned and blocked in the country. The site contains popular links that users use the most. Without the presence of this browser - you will not be able to bypass the blocking or even view the information, as you must do all the actions from this browser.

How it works?

Onion Urls TOR

After the installation of the browser on your computer, you must open the browser and wait until all the necessary components are installed. Then a couple of seconds pass and the browser is ready to go. Then you can search for all the information you need, as well as follow the well-known links that are most often used by users. The list of links is present on the site of the same name, as well as a list of popular URLs.

The principle of use is simple: you can safely surf the Internet, but the browser will make sure that you remain anonymous in the network. Absolutely all information about the transitions, IP-addresses, browser history and other important information is not saved. Before each entry and exit - you will see only a clean page to search. The browser warns the user that he left some tabs open. The browser reports that it will permanently close them. The servers of this browser process information through themselves, thus preventing the dissemination of information, and maintaining the complete privacy of the user.


Onion Urls TOR

Using onion urls allows you to surf those sites that are not accessible from regular browsers (such as Google and others) and search engines. In addition, absolute all information about your activities will not be saved, but your location remains hidden and changes after certain actions or intervals.

TOR browser helps to relieve themselves in the search for VPN, software for workarounds, manual configuration process and other inconveniences that other methods can bring. Now visiting any sites is an accessible thing for which you will not be able to be traced or even punished by law.

This is an excellent method to safely surfing any and even forbidden information on the Internet. Install TOR - use as much as you want!

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